Important Voting Information

July 22, 2014
Run-off vote.


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K-16 Education

College and career ready focus: The board has established initiatives that place emphasis on ensuring that our students are prepared for life beyond the 12th grade be it college, military or the workforce.

Teacher Preparation

Removal of barriers that impact teachers most: Eliminated all furlough days which have restored the district to a 180 day calendar. By creating a fund balance (surplus), cost of living adjustments have been restored. The results — the removal of barriers that impact teacher recruitment. This supports having highly qualified teachers in classrooms on day one.

Parental Engagement

Redefining parental engagement: Using the power of technology to explore all avenues to support parental engagement and to help students feel more prepared. Improving student assessment: Universal Screener reports strengths and weakness of students in their academic core subjects and gives parents recommendations on how to support their students at home in areas of weakness. This keeps parents in the loop and ensures their involvement in their child’s curriculum. This was a SACS recommendation that was successfully implemented in 2013–2014.


Monitor the academic achievement of the district: Both leading indicators (e.g., Universal Screener, Benchmark Assessments) and lagging indicators (e.g., CRCT scores at the end of the year and graduation rates) are tools used to monitor growth and achievement for students. This information assists with prioritizing spending towards programs that will enhance academic achievement.

Governance in leadership: Exemplary leadership that governs as a "whole" and not from individualistic agendas and perspectives. Ensure parents feel welcome and teachers’ needs are being met. Guarantee a non-retaliatory work environment for everyone.