Currently a member of the faculty of Georgia Gwinnett College serving as an Assistant Professor in the School of Science and Technology, and as a member of the Faculty Senate where he advises the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs on policies that affect faculty and instruction; Michael also dedicates time to mentoring through the African American Males Elite Scholars Program at Georgia Gwinnett College and he works with research students in Conservation Genetics.

Michael Erwin, a U.S. Navy veteran and has been an educator since 1998.

He is a graduate of North Carolina Central University and the University of South Carolina where he earned a PhD in Biological Sciences. As an Educator, Michael has always strived to ensure that students are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed; and he is most proud when students master learning in areas where fewer students pursue expertise—in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

With a background in science, Michael wholeheartedly supports the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education Coalition. The term S.T.E.M. is typically used in addressing education policy and curriculum choices in schools from kindergarten through college to improve competitiveness in technology development. The lack of knowledge in these areas has become a threat to the nation’s role as a global leader.

Michael also believes teachers should be supported with professional development opportunities including methods designed to improve the quality of classroom instruction; introducing practitioners to the practical applications of research-validated strategies; and helping teachers meet their license and salary differentials. He feels it is also paramount to seek adequate resourcing of teachers skilled in S.T.E.M. subjects.

Michael Erwin was appointed by the Governor to the DeKalb County School Board in March of 2013. Since that time the school district has had its accreditation reinstated and the Board has devised a strategic plan to ensure student academic achievement. Michael played a role in developing an improved budget development process to ensure the district maintains a balanced budget; eliminated draining legal expenses; eliminated two work reduction (furlough) days; and helped to develop a balanced budget.

Michael is married to his high school sweetheart, Adina and is the proud father of two children, Michael and Martha.